Friday, April 29, 2016

My Favorite Photos: End of Circus 2016

Since the parking lot would be a nightmare, we waited for the majority of the crowd to leave the building. My niece Little K is anti-social to pretty much everyone except her mom and dad, my mom, and other kids her age. She started to get photo-shy and had that "look" on her face. One day she'll relax and enjoy spending time with her family. 


  1. She will. One of our nieces was mega shy around family and our granddaughter takes awhile to warm up.

  2. I always think it a good idea to wait until the crowd has gone - it's so much easier to get out.
    Cute photo.

    All the best Jan

  3. Little ones go through stages of being shy.
    Great idea to wait till the crowd has gone - sometimes many do that so you don't get anywhere fast.

  4. I'm sure she'll work her way through that shyness.

  5. Most little ones do go thru being shy....and then, once they break out of it, most of us wish they were shy again..hahhaa..just kidding.
    She is adorable.