Thursday, April 21, 2016

My Favorite Photos: Food Court April 2016

My wife Daisy and I went to the mall in early April. Her car needed an oil change, so we took it to Sears. We find it super-easy as by the time we're done with the mall, the car has been ready for us for quite some time. We ate at the food court while we were there. I think Daisy likes Sarku Japan the most as she often picks it over the China Star one right nearby. 


  1. Two car young family!!!
    Well well - I guess Daisy's working hours are different
    to your hours so thus the need for two cars???
    Such a pity that public transport is so limited in the USA.
    "PT" is far cheaper for travel and with less vehicles on the road, the less pollution from the exhaust emissions result is less health issues.
    The best of the few public transport systems in the USA that I used - and these two were excellent and quite a surprise were: Seattle, Washington State and Honolulu, Hawaii.
    Attention: Kay - does the excellent and spotlessly clean PT system still exist in HNL??
    Colin - B J Hunnicut

    1. Hi Colin! Gosh, I haven't ridden public transportation in Hawaii in a long, long, long time. Oahu is now entrenched in a rail system that has gone pretty much bankrupt. It's pretty pitiful.

    2. That is very sad to learn. It was excellent in my trips to HNL in the 70's and 80's.
      But young family members who go there quite often have said that they use Public Transport to get around and they had NOT COMPLAINED.

  2. Adorable Daisy. Her smile is so cute :)

  3. Daisy always looks so happy. I'm sure you're responsible for much of that.

  4. I have never know anyone that appears as happy in every photo as your Daisy. You better treat her well. You both ARE BLESSED.

  5. I really wish we had a food court in my city! I miss cheap international food!

  6. She has a sweet smile, and a loving husband. Lucky lady.

  7. We always like walking the food court and getting the free samples. Her dish looks great!