Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Favorite Photos: Library Bingo April 2016

Daisy and I both had the day off for bingo at the library which they hold every month. They had a few more people than they did in March. I came close to bingo more times than I did last month and I think Daisy did too, but we never got it. Nobody at our table did either. Maybe next month I suppose...


  1. Food and drink are NOT PERMITTED in Libraries in Australia.
    Maybe this Spartanburg Library has a special room for bingo?
    Bingo and Libraries do not mix here - clubs and hired halls or a room are where Bingo is held.
    It is quite popular with the elderly set, I have never
    played the game nor can I recall in clubs ever seeing young people, the likes of your and Daisy's age playing!!!
    Anyhow as long as you have fun and are amused - that is what counts, eh?

    1. yes it's in a special room. The library provides the snacks

    2. Thanks for the reply, Adam.
      That is good to know.

  2. Bingo is fun, but haven't played it in more years than you've been alive! : )

  3. I've always loved Bingo but never have won very much.
    I was going thru some old posts and comments when I came across this one you left on one of my summertime blogs several yrs ago..I was talking about lightening bugs and this is the comment you left...I laughed out loud when I read it again....
    "Adam ....June 24, 2014 at 7:42 PM
    "catching lightening bugs" reminds me of what my brother used to do. He used to take a baseball bat and knock them out. He was a very mean child." LOL...

  4. I've played Bingo a few times but I'm not very lucky at it and have never won.

  5. It's great how you both love Bingo

  6. Don,t give up. I enjoy playing bingo with other seniors, but the bingo is computerized. I liked it better playing the way you do. Seldom do I win.