Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Question: Do You Refill Your Computer Ink?

I remember the printer I had a few years ago had a cartridge that nobody wanted to refill because their machines apparently couldn't do it. I ended up throwing it all away because I didn't need a printer. Last year I got a new very economical one to print my wedding invitations on. I used it for other things until the ink started to get so low that it was printing barely readable text. So I took it to get it refilled which was much easier and inexpensive than getting a new cartridge. 

Do you refill your printer ink cartridges? 


stephen Hayes said...

Yes, but now my printer is offline and I need my grown son to come over and show me how to fix it.

Emmylou said...

Adam, I used to do this before, but I find the way my cartridges get refilled must be wonky coz they don't last as long, and they weren't that cheap either! So I just buy new ones now, which I hate but I do find I get more ink.

Christine said...

the refill process we found was not that straightforward, the cartridge had to be reset somehow so the printer thought it was new, so we just get new.

Huggybear said...

I buy new ones - rarely print off stuff anymore so the black and coloured cartridges have a reasonable life span.
Cartridges here that I get - 2 black and one coloured pack - the cheapest combination is about $70.00.
So if you were constantly printing off stuff, I just really do sporting results that I keep in folios, it can become pretty pricey. Plus some of the cartridges of ink are questionable as to how much ink "is/was" in them!!!!!
Plus once opened, the bloody "IT and Office Material" shops will not refund.
B J Hunnicut aka Colin

Huggybear said...

Oh I forgot:
Canon Printer ink.
# 510 ( Black Ink)
# 511 (Coloured Ink).
Not as SQUAT like as shown above.

bj said...

I get new but don't print very much.

Martha said...

We replace ours but since we barely ever print anything, they last a very long time!

Theresa Mahoney said...

We buy the generic versions of our printer ink on Amazon for dirt cheap, so I always buy new. Works just as good as the "name brand" versions.

happyone said...

I don't even have a printer. I got so frustrated with trying to get it to work that I just gave up!!