Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fact of the Day: Alligator Revival

The American alligator was once brought close to extinction. Loss of habitat, and hunting by humans had brought their populations to record lows. It took until about 1990 for the species to recover and be of little concern about going extinct. 


Lux G. said...

I think they're staying for as long as they could. They've survived the dinosaurs, haven't they?

Huggybear said...

Crocodiles - a cousin of the alligator of the USA here
are far from extinct but they are under controlled breeding
programmes. Carefully monitored in numbers. So "culling" for safety reasons is permitted by licensed hunters and is government controlled.
Salt water crocs. are the most dangerous so I have been told but I have no intention of getting up "close and friendly like" to find out - ha ha.
In the far north of Australia ( the tropical part) signs
are displayed to warn people to stay out of the water - both rivers and beaches.
I have no sympathy for idiots who ignore signs and go swimming. Good luck to the croc. and I hope the meal was tasty.
B J Hunnicut aka Colin

Margaret D said...

Takes a long time to come back after nearly being extinct.

Bob Bushell said...

Bring them back.

Martha said...

Glad that they didn't become extinct.

stephen Hayes said...

I remember when alligator leather was banned because these creatures were about to go extinct. Now people find these gators in their swimming pools.

Pat Hatt said...

Good they sprung back.

Elisabeth said...

I don't remember ever seeing an alligator..such an interesting fact! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

E from Helsinki, Finland

Harlynn said...

What!? I love alligators. One of my favorite animals, besides mermaids. My cousin had a speckled camien (not sure if I spelled it correctly). It looked like a baby alligator, but it's in the crocodile family I believe. It was awesome being able to pet it as he held it with a wrap around its mouth!

Unknown said...

Here in Houston, the recent flooding has brought many alligators into contact with people. Up out of the creeks, up to people's front doors.

Mostly small ones, but often enough for everyone to suddenly remember that they're there.

And I'm glad they're still around.

Not too close, but you know, around.

Christine said...

oh wow interesting

bj said...

I'm not crazy about 'gators but always hate it when any of our animals and such become extinct.

Huggybear said...

My Goodness - Mermaids!
Unbelievable - I have yet to see one.
Please put one of these "fairytale" creatures up
for us all to see.
Merlin from the Wizard show.