Sunday, May 8, 2016

Things I Like: Xtra (Laundry Detergent)

Ever since I got married I've been looking at ways to save some pennies, and I'm glad I found Xtra. It's not as well known (or as good) as things like Tide and Gain, but it's extremely inexpensive in comparison. It's not much of a stain fighter, but for just general cleaning of clothes it does the job decently well.   


  1. glad this works for you Adam!

  2. I've used that before and it does smell good.

  3. I make my own liquid laundry soap. It washes clean (enough to me)and line-dried out in the sun and the wind it becomes so lovely fresh.
    As laundry softener I use vinegar, which works as well as the store bought chemical fabric softener. Leaves absolutely no vinegar smell breaks down the limescale in your washing machine.
    For 5 litres of laundry liquid soap/gel mix 80 grams grated 'Sunlight' soap from a bar into 1 litre very hot water in a large pan, stir well until solved. Then add 80 grams of baking soda and 4 litres hot water and stir this all together very well.
    Leave to set for 24 hours and you'll see it has become gel-ish.
    Store in a box or bottle with wide opening (old washing liquid bottle), shake well every time before use. 1/2 Cup per load, whether wite or coloured, any temperature -hot, warm or cold.
    This washing liquid costs me about €0,025 per load :>)


    1. That is a very industrious procedure, Jeanneke.
      You certainly have it all "nailed down" even to Euro
      costings. Certainly is cheap, but I think I'll just stick to the ready made suds that I use here with a
      cheap freshener liquid and a dash of liquid kitchen detergent.
      I am all for sun and wind drying - the only way I think. (And it is cheaper than dryers - ha ha).
      Colin ( B J Hunnicut)

  4. I think we use Tide or Cheer, but my mother uses very little liquid since Hawaii's water bubbles up so quickly.

  5. I use the Tide pods and love them. Just throw one in the washer, no measuring.

  6. If you don't heavily soil your clothes, I think the cheaper detergents work just fine. I use Tide on my husband's work clothes, but for every day stuff that doesn't get food or other debris on it, the cheap stuff is good.

  7. We, as a couple of a "certain age...(ahem).." just don't get all dirty and greasy and sweaty very often anymore, so I use Xtra, too. I keep a bottle of liquid Tide for heavily soiled items.