Friday, June 24, 2016

Sad Story: Mouse Problems

Since we kept finding spiders I decided to get glueboards to keep them out of the room. Well one day my wife screams soon after I had sort of woken up. She saw a mouse on the glueboard, and then we found another one on the other side of the dresser. I never expected mice and can't imagine how they got into our room. My wife called them babies but they were large enough to fit on most of the glue board. I felt so bad for them as I don't want them in my home but pity that they had to die. And it had to be very slow too. I tried to think of ways to give them mercy but no good ideas came to mind. So now I'm never using a glue board again. And I'm really thinking of getting a cat.  


  1. I have never seen any in my house, but I have found 2 dead mice in my yard this month. I think the birds must be catching them, then dropping them in my yard.

  2. Just so you know for future reference. If you pour some vegetable oil on the glue board, the mice or lizards or whatever is stuck to them will be able to get free. I free'd a mouse from a glue board my brother had in his place.

  3. You are one sick minded...WHY would you decide to use a glue board!? What inspired this?
    Obviously they will be stuck to the point there's no saving them and die.
    Lol silly story.

  4. Do whatever, but you need to get rid of the mouse before they become rats.

  5. I once read that to keep mice out, you have to find how they are entering the house and seal up that crack.

  6. You have a problem so get an expert in before the mice take over.
    Maybe the previous occupants of your new abode were dirty people.
    Mice and rats love filth, so ensure that your kitchen and bathroom
    Otherwise it is a case of that famous NASA expression - "We (Adam and Daisy) have a problem".
    Yes, get in a fumigator and pronto. You are wasting your time with silly glue boards etc.
    As for a feline "mice/rats" remover, cats cost money - Vet bills, obligatory De-sexing, registration etc etc.
    B J Hunnicut aka Colin

  7. I agree with Mr. Hunnicut, (faint and fall over) that you need to have professionals come out and take care of it all...they can get rid of mice, spiders and bugs and you will be much better off in the long run....
    Actually, I see you didn't really ask for advice...hahhaa...

    1. bj of Texas - I am touched to the core with your agreement.

  8. I had a pet rat as a kid and I loved her dearly, but I admit to killing a few mice over the years.

  9. Bringing in professionals will certainly help. But in the meantime, walk around your home and find openings that mice could be squeezing in from and seal them. If they have no way to get in, they won't.

  10. Get the exterminators in, QUICK! There's NEVER just one or two mice. And they breed like the wind. Exterminators will plug all the holes, cracks, etc. where they are getting in to your house plus clean them out of where they already are. Move quickly because you do NOT want to be overrun by mice.