Sunday, July 3, 2016

Fact of the Day: Other Popes

While the Pope is the leader of the Catholic church, there are other popes in the world who are not Catholic. The main two are the Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria and the Pope of Eastern Orthodox Church of Alexandria. Besides Alexandria, the two religious leaders claim all of Africa under their religious domain. 


  1. When I was studying Catholicism, I was surprised to see the word "pope" used for positions we would not connect with the Roman Pontiff today.

    Specifically, in the early centuries of the Church, there were four people simultaneously referred to as Pope within the Church. I guess these would be considered achbishops today.

    Whoever was in charge of the Church in Alexandria was one of the four with that title. The bishop of Antioch was probably one of the others.

    I'd have to go look it up to see what the other two were, but Rome wasn't one of them.

    I assume that the title grew in stature as power became centralized in Rome, and that non-Roman Catholics still use it in its older sense.

  2. They sure don't get as much screen time

  3. I knew about the Eastern Orthodox church but not the Coptic. Thanks

  4. I didn't know of a pope other than the Catholic one.