Thursday, July 7, 2016

My Favorite Photos: Food on the Fourth 2016

 As soon as we got to the fireworks event this year, we went straight to the food. Not a lot of choices either. Only two with real food (not snacks) and plenty of drink places. Both food places only had lemonade or tea, which are two beverages I can't stand. Daisy got the tea with a big cup. She pointed out the Coca-Cola place nearby so I went there for my drink.
For food Daisy had chicken tenders and some fries. I chose two slices of pizza from the Papa Johns stand. 


  1. Chicken tenders and pizza are true American soul food, are they not?

  2. Thank God you didn't enter the local Hot Dog eating competition.
    The "Stuffing Championship" of gluttony was shown here in Australia
    on TV where some male devoured 70 "dogs" ( the sausage hot ones with gooey sauce) in 10 minutes. I would love to know what the American Association/College of Medical Practitioners thought of this??
    It certainly turned my stomach upside down. Greasy "fries" are enough
    for me to view being eaten.
    Dr. B J Hunnicut aka Colin
    PS: What on earth are "CHICKEN TENDERS"????

  3. Omg I love Papa Johns. That garlic butter is everything!!

  4. good you got what you both liked.

  5. I really wish we have Papa John's around here. And Adam, how can anyone hate lemonade?!? hehe

  6. I like Daisy's top - perfect for 4th July.

    All the best Jan