Sunday, August 28, 2016

Fact of the Day: French Revolutionary Wars

For almost a decade long period, many monarchies fought wars against France. One of the major reasons was because the French people had overthrown the monarchy and became the First French Republic. When the wars were over in 1802, the French Republic remained. 


Kati said...

Crazy! They were quite early...


Pat Hatt said...

Not giving in they sure did win

Dascha said...

Oh.. wow!


Martha said...

They weren't giving that up!

Christine said...


stephen Hayes said...

In 1802 the French were ruled by Emperor Napoleon and I don't think France was a republic then.

Huggybear said...

Correct and after Waterloo and then Elba for Napoleon.
France had a short stint again with the Bourbons, then
I think Napoleon Bonaparte's grandson became Napoleon 111,
and went to war with Prussia. The Prussians won and occupied
It was then that the Second (??) French Republic was established - after 1870.
Today it is the Third Republic or maybe the Fourth - Vichy
France may have been in the middle - WW2.

Huggybear said...

The Republics of France.
1st. 1792 - 1804.
2nd. 1848 - 1852
3rd. 1870 - 1940.
4th. 1946 - 1958.
5th. 1958 - Present day.
Historians can have the fun of filling in the missing years,
you will find them MOST fascinating.