Monday, August 22, 2016

Fact of the Day: Ivanka Politics

Ivanka Trump has a long-history of being politically independent. She supported Hillary Clinton in 2007-2008, endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012, and supported Democrat Cory Booker's campaign for Senate (representing New Jersey) in 2012 as well.  


Kay said...

No kidding? That's a surprise.

Andrew-L'autre said...

Ah, a flip flopper!

Pat Hatt said...

Well it is good to go with who you want to support instead of sticking with one party just because you always have.

Martha said...

That is interesting

stephen Hayes said...

Donald has supported Hillary as well.

A Beer for the Shower said...

What Pat said. Regardless of what you think about her or her family, I'd rather see someone support a candidate they truly believe in regardless of party, rather than blindly follow a party because that's 'just what you're supposed to do'.

Huggybear said...

Nothing surprises me with the Trump train.
Supposedly $650 million in debt???
I was amused seeing Donald being "briefed" ( the barest
of briefs I would think) by the Central Intelligence Agency.
I think our former Foreign Minister, then a U.N. Commissioner on
Refugees and now the Chancellor of the Australian National University
in Canberra so aptly put it on "Meet the Press" here yesterday.
" A combination of ignorance about everything and complete lack of Judgement in a serious situation".
This "Meet the Press" was on the present sea/islands situation in the
South China Sea. An area that Trump/Pense and Co. would not have a clue about.