Saturday, August 13, 2016

My Favorite Photos: Birthday Lunch

A birthday tradition since at least my 2nd birthday was always celebrated with pizza.We went to our sister-city in Greenville, SC (as it's better) and ate at Pizza Inn. There was a lot of pizza places we haven't been to but I wanted something I knew would be good, or so I had hoped. The kitchen staff here either rushed things or don't know how to make a pizza. The first whole pizza came out with bubbles and a lot of bread that tasted like cardboard. The 2nd was better but not by much. Even though it wasn't burnt, it tasted a bit like it. My food was edible but not delicious. I told the company and got a call from the woman who runs the place. She seemed to be deeply concerned and wanted to make things right. 


  1. Bad pizza.........................

  2. I love this photo of you two!
    And my goodness I've gotten pizza like that before. Horrible.
    Hopefully they give you guys one on the house; a much better one!


  3. For me pizza is all about the crust, and you need the right oven to get a proper crust.

  4. too bad Adam, you want good pizza on your birthday!

  5. first of all, happy birthday! And you should have gone to a domino's. you can never go wrong with domino's pizza =)


    1. it's a shame they never have any sit-down restaurants. Same with Papa Johns. At least the American versions

  6. What a shame this had to happen on your special day. Mine is in two weeks, but do not remember ever being your age. Wishing you many more great ones. Pizza is not real healthy, but do eat once in awhile.

  7. Pizzas don't really interest me.
    I think I may be a Pizza snob as I only
    eat them at top notch places, certainly not
    at the innumerable fast food outlets.
    Sorry I can't agree with you regarding Greenville, SC.,
    that city and I did not develop a love affair - more like
    a hate affair, so I moved to the twin city of Spartanburg
    to await my friends returning from a short holiday on the Atlantic
    coast and as soon as they were back in Atlanta, I was on a bus
    poste haste.

  8. That's too bad, Adam, and on your birthday too! Bummer.

  9. That is really too bad. Bad pizza is a disappointment! And much more so on your birthday.

  10. A bad pizza is just so sad. Pizza has never been a disappointment and a bad pizza on your bday is just so sad. :(

  11. Happy birthday Adam. It's a bummer to find a place that produces poor food.

  12. Happy Birthday!! I hope it was awesome!!

  13. Sorry the pizza was a let down ... hope the next one is great!
    Lovely photo of you and Daisy, and once again Happy Birthday

    All the best Jan

  14. I'm sure she WAS concerned ....a pizza place that makes a bad pizza...not a good thing, for sure.