Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My Favorite Photos: Little Elsa

 Like almost any kid her age, my niece Little K loves Frozen. She apparently got a new Elsa dress she wore around the house.
And even to the park. August is kind of close to Halloween right? 


  1. She is adorable all dressed up.

  2. Those are adorable pictures and she seems so happy to be dressed up!

  3. Such a precious little princess and Aug is PLENTY close to Halloween for little sweet girls....

  4. Little K is so cute! And wearing princess outfits and movie outfits is normal for little girls ~ I see it all the time! She must bring Aunt Daisy and Uncle Adam lots of pleasure and love!

  5. Lovely photo's you've shared here.
    Elsa is a most favourite character with girls the world around!

    All the best Jan