Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fact of the Day: First Indians

The first group of Native Americans (incorrectly named Indians) that Christopher Columbus encountered where the Taino people. They were the principal inhabitants of modern-day Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Haiti.


  1. That's interesting. They were only Indians because Hollywood said they were.

  2. Then he gave them all the plague

  3. They were the TaĆ­no (good people), beautiful.

  4. Columbus was the worst thing that could have happened to native Americans.

    1. My God, if he was the first then the custom of harassing the
      native Americans was perfected by the settlers who followed.
      It was whole scale slaughter in many areas and deprivation
      of any liberties for survival.
      I think Trump might just be a "second coming" of Columbus.
      Great to note that G Bush (Senior) is voting Democrat,
      I suspect the other members of the Bush "tribe" will do likewise, as will Romney, McCain and others with some sense.
      Of course the Sarah Palins of the USA certainly WILL vote for
      ARMAGEDDON via that Lunatic.