Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fact of the Day: Yalta Tehran

While the three biggest nations of World War II's Allied Powers's heads of state famously met at the Yalta Conference in 1945, they all had met previously at the same time before. This was at the Tehran Conference in Iran in 1943 with Joseph Stalin, FDR, and Winston Churchill. 


  1. My grandmother was telling about Stalin awful things, like his people were killing families and a few years her family had nothing to eat at all...

  2. Churchill and Roosevelt weren't thrilled about being allies with Stalin but as Churchill said, he'd make an allegiance with the Devil himself to defeat Hitler.

  3. Roosevelt looks much healthier here than he did at the Yalta conference.

  4. Roosevelt does look healthier...

  5. It unfortunately REALLY ended up as the BIG TWO.
    Churchill views on what was to come were squeezed out
    by an ailing at great knots, Roosevelt.
    Joe, the murderer of all times, must have thought he was
    in a heaven that he did not allow his people or his newly
    acquired conquered people to believe in.
    Stalin was the 100% winner of this conference and the last one
    at Podsom with Truman in the box seat.
    Colin or CH / HC.