Saturday, September 24, 2016

Question: What Would the Wizard of Oz Give You?

 In the classic tale The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy's three companions get new things from the Wizard. The Scarecrow got a new brain, the Tin Man a new heart, and the Cowardly Lion got some courage. Well at least in the metaphorical sense. But if you were were one of Dorothy's friends, what would you like the Wizard to give you? A new heart, a new brain, courage, or perhaps something else?
Out of the standard three, I'd certainly would like better courage. I think my intelligence is certainly above-par, and my heart is far kinder than most. But fear has always been my weakness. It's not just things like ghosts, spiders, snakes, etc, but rather with people as well. I hate confrontation even when I should speak up and take back for what is rightfully mine or stand up for what's right.

What would you ask for from the Wizard of the Oz?  


John M said...

I'd ask for the same exact thing! I think I would have had more opportunities and less loneliness if I were more comfortable with people. I'd also add not being so sad (depressed). That was before I had treatment. Now my mood is good and I'm happy.
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Christine said...

Maybe I could use more confidence! I'm like you with confrontations generally, sheesh.

Pat Hatt said...

Bippity boppity boo and give me dough at my zoo

Sakuranko said...

I would like a power for deal agaisnt anxiety

Martha said...

Like you, I also don't like confrontations, so perhaps a higher level of assertiveness would be great. I do dig my heels in deep and stand my ground when push comes to shove but I think there are times I should react quicker.