Friday, September 23, 2016

Random Photos: Driving with Miss Daisy

 With my car being repaired, I needed my wife to drive me to work. This was...scary or at least a little bit. Daisy doesn't have much experience behind the wheel as I do (her parents were bad at making sure she knew how to drive) but I can tell she was better then she used to be. I still had to tell her to slow down a bit and other comments. She says I was a backseat driver but I was sitting in the front so that doesn't' count right?
I also noticed her little air-freshener thing from Bath and Bodyworks. I knew she had it but never really looked at it. It's a turtle and it's pretty darn cute I admit. 


  1. So pleased Daisy was able to drive you to work ...
    Her air freshener does look cute.

    All the best Jan

  2. A backseat driver is a backseat driver wherever he sits! (Especially when he's a hubby!) LOL

  3. HAHAHA! Yes, you can be a backseat driver even sitting up front!
    That is a very cute air freshener.

  4. Husbands never like their wives to drive them, it must be a guy thing.

  5. My husband always gives me advice if I'm behind the wheel too. I think it's in the male gene.

  6. It's good for her to get as much driving experience as possible.