Sunday, October 30, 2016

Random Photo: Halloween Door Cover 2016

 For Halloween this year, we got this door cover. My wife Daisy put it up before I had the chance to. She let the light-up eyes stay on and they only lasted a good day. This is the door to our kitchen and the way the house is faced to the street, it's really our de-facto front-door.
I really liked how at night, you can see the shadow from the inside of the house when you're in the kitchen. Rather spooky!


  1. Hmmmm.... You've reminded me that I need to get our door decoration up too.

  2. Thank God this is a very minor event here.
    The first Tuesday is FAR more important - the Day
    Australia STOPS at 3.00 pm Eastern Standard Summer Time
    for the time honoured Melbourne Cup.
    And there is no horse vaguely named like Trump or Armageddon,
    that is a blessing.
    Have fun on your "funny day".

  3. That is cute!! I think you need some new batteries for another night of fun!

  4. You're definitely showing your holiday spirit.

  5. Lights or no lights, it looks nice.More than I have.

  6. Look fun and lovely Adam, have a nice time with Daisy!

  7. it's a great decoration...i didn't do too much this year!!!

  8. Looks like a great decoration! Love it!

  9. It looks good ...

    Happy Halloween

    All the best Jan