Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sad Story: Ladder on Head

At one point in my childhood, my brother Zach and I shared a bunk bed. Like all bunk beds it had a ladder. Like all pre-2000's things made for children, it wasn't exactly super-safe. As for one is that the ladder wasn't nailed, welded, or glued to the bunk bed. It just kind of rested there. And I remember Zach dropping it right on my head. The ladder hit me hard enough to miss school, and on school picture day too. So I wasn't in the yearbook because of him. 


  1. well, that was kinda mean but sometimes siblings can act goofy and it hurts the other.....

  2. I am so glad you lived to tell the tale, scary!

  3. I think this incident is funny.
    I am sure your brother didn't mean to whack you
    on your melon (head that is!).

    I wonder can your brother, Zach find another ladder and
    really give a good whacking to the head of Trump??
    One thing for sure it won't effect his "brains", they are floating
    somewhere in cyberspace around the planet that he and his weird mob
    live on and hopefully after 8th November promptly return to.

  4. Glad you didn't suffer permanent damage.

  5. Oh ouch! I always wanted a bunk bed. Sigh...