Monday, October 31, 2016

Stranger Things (TV Series) Season 1 Review

 Before this summer, I don't think I even had a clue about Stranger Things. One of the many original Netflix series, it's sometimes hard to keep up. But Netflix seems like they are trying harder to make sure their own TV shows are amazing as they've had a few duds. Stranger Things is perfect for Halloween time as it's like an old-time horror movie with the spooky theme. Netflix tried a similar thing with Hemlock Grove which I thought was a pretty terrible show and I'm glad my wife kind of forgot about it so I didn't have to watch two more awful seasons. Unlike Hemlock Grove, Stranger Things did REALLY WELL with critics and normal folks alike. Now no matter how good something is, things can be over-rated or just not click with me. Horror is typically not my cup of tea, but what did I think of Stranger Things?
 The plot is set back in the 1980's in a small fictional town called Hawkins, Indiana. The town is fairly small and quiet, so the boys in blue don't have a difficult job 99 percent of the time. A young lad named Will Byers leaves his group of friends when his pal Mike Wheeler's mom tells everyone to go home as it was getting late. Will rides his bicycle home and finds the house empty except for the family dog. Which isn't good as he hears something mysterious outside that appears to want him. And it's not just paranoia, as the difficult-to-see humanoid monster seems to have no issue getting through barriers like walls and doors. Will manages to get some time to find something to defend himself with, but before he knows it, it's too late. Will just vanishes off the face of the Earth along with the monster. 
 His mother Joyce Byers hopes he was just staying over Mike's house, but when she learns that it wasn't the case she starts to freak out. The local police chief Jim Hopper just thinks that he ran away from home and he'll eventually get bored or scared and be back home within the day. However Will's friends start to figure out what happen to him. The monster returns to the world to cause more havoc, and the friends name the monster the Demogorgon. They also come across a girl named Eleven (whom they nick-name El for short) who seems to have no parents, friends, or much knowledge of the real world. She seems to be running away from someone or something, and the group try their best to make her look normal. However Eleven is far from normal, and her special abilities may be able to help them find out what happened to Will and figure out what on Earth is going on with this monster thing.   
At first I thought Stranger Things may have been one of those over-rated TV shows, but it really picks up a little before halfway in. I was still interested enough the whole time that I finished the season within two days which is rare for me. They do a good job at making very different and likable characters. My personal favorite is Eleven, but I also really liked Jim Hopper by the end of it. The show's creators made it known that it was inspired by many things from the movies of the 1980's, and they do a excellent job with the homages. Though there are some points in the plot that get a bit illogical. While I over-all thought it was going to a be a little better, I really hope that the next season is at least as good as the first. 

Score: A-  


  1. We both loved the hell out of this show, and not just because of the endless nostalgia (this might as well have been our childhood, minus the bullying). I'm hoping season 2 continues the great characters and the great storytelling and the show doesn't turn into another True Detective.

  2. Sounds spooky.....
    Keep the cauldron boiling. Happy Halloween.

  3. Awesome show indeed, a great throwback to the 80's

  4. Love this program and am eager for its return.