Monday, November 21, 2016

Fact of the Day: Perkin Warbeck

Perkin Warbeck was a pretender to the English throne as he claimed to be a son of the Yorkist monarch King Edward IV of England. The real prince had most likely been murdered on the orders of Edward IV's brother who took the throne as Richard III but instead of a corpse the prince vanished. Using the possibility of the prince escaping, Warbeck pretending to be him and challenged the Tudor monarch King Henry VII. He was defeated and captured. Oddly enough Henry VII treated him well given the circumstances. After he confessed, he was kept at court though as a well-treated prisoner. After two failed escape attempts, he was executed. 


  1. Sounds like he was quite the con artist, maybe not a very good one though.

  2. Most scholars today do not believe Richard III had Edward IV murdered and point the finger at Henry VII, who had an excellent motive for killing the rightful king.