Thursday, November 10, 2016

My Favorite Photos: Back From Trick-or-Treat 2016

 When my neices got back from Halloween fun, my mother took this picture of them. Little Iz was really excited this year about it.
Little K seemed to be too, even though she never really says anything about it. She was quite interested in checking out her haul for the year. I loved that part about Halloween when I was little. I'd often make piles to trade with my brother. 


  1. such a lovely picture!
    unfortunately, in France Halloween celebrations are less fun...


  2. This is what makes it all worthwhile, little ones at this age.

  3. It's really so much about the little ones!

  4. I was like you...loved checking out the goodie I got...but by the time our kids came along...we spent hours going thru all their candy to make sure they were safe....

  5. What cuties! Halloween has always been fun!