Monday, December 19, 2016

Fact of the Day: Confederate Irony

When the southern states broke from the United States at the start of the American Civil War, they often mirrored their government structure on what was the status quo when the country was whole. The Constitution of the Confederate States featured a lot of the same things, often appearing verbatim as it was in the original. There was some exceptions such as keeping the evil practice of slavery protected from any bills that may get passed by a future Confederate congress. Another was the mention of God (no religious reference is mentioned in the U.S. version), as they hoped to seek his "favor and guidance". And finally it gave states more autonomy in many ways, but also stated their federal government was permanent. Which meant states could not secede from the Confederacy as they just had done with the United State of America.  


  1. Wanted their cake and eat it to kind of thing, pffft.

  2. Really interesting to read, especially with what is occurring in North Carolina right now, with the state's GOP-dominated Legislature pushing to sharply limit gubernatorial powers before the new Democratic governor takes office.