Monday, December 26, 2016

Funny Story: Puppy Dreams

 After my dog's death in October of this year, I've been having strange dreams. One recent dream was seeing a woman handing out puppies in my old house's backyard. One of the dogs looked like a cocker-spaniel and I asked to look at it. I told her I wasn't committed but I spent my time with the puppy. She tried walking off and I told her to wait. Next part of the dream (my dreams get random and strange) I see my in-laws cat Johann and I was wondering why he was somewhere he wasn't suppose to be. Then I saw....
My old dog Zelda. In the dream, I knew Zelda was dead. But there she was. Same face, same fur, same spots. I knew it was her. I tried hugging her and right as she was licking my face I hear my alarm go off. My faux reunion had been cut short. It was wonderful even if it wasn't real but that's some bad timing.  


  1. Oh, that must have also been a sad dream!


  2. I'm glad the dream was one you enjoyed. It sounds like you are missing her.

  3. ...bless your heart, Adam...hoping you will get another dog soon..that seems to help missing one that is gone....