Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Pat McCrory Finally Admits He Lost Race For NC Governor

While North Carolina is considered a "purple" state nowadays, the radical right-wing has taken over North Carolina on a state level. Leading them was Pat McCrory who became governor after winning in 2012. The race between him and Democrat Roy Cooper was so close that he refused to accept the results even after Cooper's lead had grown and even accused Cooper of foul play. Now that Cooper leads him by over 10,000 votes, McCrory can't even request a recount so he's now finally admitting defeat. While I don't live in North Carolina, I'm very close to the border in South Carolina. I was very ashamed how he approved a bathroom bill which was unneeded and exploited the fears and paranoia of America's ignorant and hateful. He even refused to back-pedal when companies boycotted North Carolina which hurt his economy quite a bit.