Friday, December 2, 2016

Story: The Lost Toothbrush

 Recently my wife Daisy was trying to brush her teeth. Then in the other room I hear her screaming about something. Our bathroom sink doesn't have a guard (I keep forgetting to get one) and she dropped her toothbrush down the drain. I was pretty mad about it because plumbing is not my forte. I don't think it would have gotten down the other pipes or whatever but I wanted it out ASAP.  I couldn't think of good way to get it out of there.
We looked up suggestions and the best one seemed to be to take a wire coat hanger, straighten it out and put duct tape around it. Daisy read you could also use chopsticks but I insisted on the coat hanger. I didn't have any duct tape but I did have shipping tape. I put it down the drain and I feel a bite of sorts. It grabbed it up and right before I could reach it, the toothbrush dropped again. The water in the drain made the tape useless after that trip. I got some new tape and tried again and as soon as I could grab that toothbrush I nabbed it. I was so thankful. I did not want to even try taking that drain apart over a toothbrush that was going straight into the garbage anyway. 


  1. I suppose you'll get the guard now. : )

  2. The prof upset me once and I brush the underneath of the bath taps with his toothbrush

  3. Well in Australia I don't believe that you can buy any type of
    wash basin - bathroom or laundry which doesn't come with a guard.
    The quickest way to "balls up" a pipe - really Adam, unbelievable.
    Maybe the great "red headed wonder" might get one of his cabinet billionaire ministers to look into this oversight???????
    There MUST be some money in it for a company that they are a major shareholder??????

  4. I lost an expensive contact lense once because of a lack of a guard.

  5. You should get one of those wire pincher grab tools. Most hardware stores sell them. Would have been perfect for this task.