Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fact of the Day; Queen Victoria Mary

King George V of Great Britian's wife often used the name Victoria Mary. After becoming King he insisted she drop one of the names. Seeing how having her as "Queen Victoria" (same name as his grandmother) was in questionable taste, they both agreed she should be known as Queen Mary instead.  


  1. I guess a lot is in a name when it comes to claim to fame

  2. She was apparently a formidable battle-axe.

  3. I really love learning new things like this. Your posts are the best.

  4. From what I've read, she was quite the kleptomaniac.

  5. Wasn't she well loved by the people? Or am I thinking of another Queen Mary?

    1. Depends on the term "well loved"

      There was Mary Queen of Scots who tried to the take the English throne from Queen Elizabeth

      And Elizabeth's older sister Mary who tried to turn England back into a Catholic nation

      and Mary II who took the throne from her catholic father. Her husband William was the real monarch.

      Mary of Teck unlike the rest of these wasn't in a tug of war popularity contest between Protestants and Catholics.