Saturday, February 18, 2017

Fact of the Day: Nixon Racism

As part of the "Southern Strategy" of the Republican Party, President Richard Nixon deliberately did things to slow down the the enforcement of desegregation of public schools in order to win over conservative voters in the American South.  


  1. Always do what it takes to win, pathetic really

  2. The Southern Strategy of the GOP is what has brought America to where it is today -- a white supremacist as the power behind the throne of a racist idiot.

  3. Not surprised...typical in politics

  4. My sibling's old loft downtown had a wall with graffiti art of Nixon.
    His portrait spashing out of water with water writing "I am not a crook".
    Watergate scandal wasn't the only issue apparently.

  5. there's been presidents that did a lot worse than he....he just got caught.

  6. Worse than Nixon???????????
    Certainly Turnip Top and his inner sanctum are giving "Tricky Dicky" a good run for his money.
    Some people can't see the leaves because of the trees, it seems.
    Great to see Pense at the N.A.T.O. conference in Munich.
    Seems his US speech on the organisation got MUTED applause from the
    other Heads of State and the diplomatic corps and military.
    Well send a "boy" and what can you expect.
    Thank God Trump didn't go - I dare say that Angela Merkel made sure of that. One massacre in Munich ( the Olympic games of years ago) is quite enough.