Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Funny Story: Water Buffalos

At my wife's work, some school kid wanted to quiz her on some kind of school project. They asked how many stomachs does a water buffalo have. The choices were between one to four stomachs. My wife guessed one. She told me afterwards and I guessed four which I was right. Water buffaloes are practically cows on a evolutionary scale so four (same as cows) was the most likely answer. Their extra stomachs help them digest food that would be normally inedible to other creatures. 


  1. I figured they would have 4 stomachs because they are related to cows.

  2. I think humans should have 4 stomachs too....two for desserts!:D

  3. I wonder if all 4 growl when they are hungry?

  4. I guess we could eat more with 4 stomachs.

  5. Amazing how their stomachs work in order to digest foods normally inedible to other creatures.
    I like the picture you've used here.

    All the best Jan

  6. Water buffaloes which were IMPORTED here for the northern regions
    for so-called "rice paddy" work......... this did not eventuate
    so they were set free and are now a dangerous feral pest.
    Be wary of them, they may have 4 stomachs but I believe the two hooked horns are what should be discussed.