Sunday, February 19, 2017

Lost in Space (1998 Film) Review

 Lost in Space is certainly not a TV series I can fondly remember. Mainly because I can't really remember it at all. I vaguely remember some re-runs, the space family, and that robot thing. I don't even recall this movie coming out in 1998. The 1990's had many things, but bad ideas were certainly among them. Despite the stupid idea of taking a beloved TV series and turning it into a movie, the cast is quite impressive. I noticed most of the cast from other roles. I remember Heather Graham from Austin Powers, Matt LeBlanc as Joey from Friends, Gary Oldman in many great ones, and Lacey Chabert who has done a lot of voice-acting (like Eliza in The Wild Thornberries) and she grew up to be incredibly beautiful.
 Since it's been decades since the TV show, the story starts from square one here. The Robinson family are picked to lead a project to colonize a planet known as Alpha Prime. The Earth (due to bad pollution and other causes) is soon to be a unsuitable planet for life, so the task is not only experimental but critical. The father John is glad he can take his family, but his wife Maureen wishes he wasn't so focused on his work. Their eldest daughter Judy is grown up and already has become a doctor herself. The Robinsons have two younger children named Penny and Will. The daughter Penny is more concerned about her social life, while Will is quite bright but his father never has the time to notice. 
 The only other approved member of the crew is the pilot who is the war hero Major Don West. However Dr. Zachary Smith sneaks on board for the interests of sabotaging the ship for the benefit of the Global Sedition which is a dark organization that wants to colonize the planet first. Dr. Smith's dark overlords betray him at the last minute but Smith manages to survive and ironically save the Robinsons from his own traps. They are quick to figure out why Dr. Smith was on board but he is spared due to the Robinson's kind nature and the fact that Dr. Smith did try to save everyone. However a robot destroyed most of the ship's key functions, and now that are in an area of space where they may never come back from. 
The movie Lost in Space was panned by critics in 1998 and rightfully so. It actually reminds me a lot of Starship Troopers which came out a year earlier in 1997. While both are part of "pop culture" in some respects, both movies are rather mindless sci-fi movies. I remember the TV show being rather upbeat but the movie is rather dark and depressing. It had a few moments I liked, but it was rather dull. I'm actually reminded a lot of Will Ferrell's Land of the Lost now that I think about it. Both movies attempted to reclaim the glory of the TV shows of the past, and both fell right into the pit of mediocrity.

Score: C-


  1. Ha ha, I remember that one, I didn't like it!!!!!!

  2. Yep, sometimes a TV show should just stay a TV show!

    Have a great day,
    Almost Stylish

  3. I used to watch the TV show sometimes but I never saw the movie. I guess I didn't miss much! xo Diana

  4. Enjoyed the first few seasons of the TV show but didn't like the movie version much.

  5. Love the tv show, hated this movie