Friday, February 3, 2017

My Favorite Photos: Couch Johann Game

The in-laws cat Johann was on top of the couch one night and I started tapping my fingers on the couch. It drove him crazy and he wanted to hit the fingers with his paw. He wasn't very good at it I'm afraid. He tried going to the side of the couch where I couldn't see and launch a sneak attack. Mr. Cat didn't realize that he can't see where I am either. 


  1. LOL- Cats are so funny. We had one that was so playful...she had 'kitty' traits her whole life and never was a 'mature' cat. Hope you and Daisy have a great weekend, Adam. xoDiana

  2. Johann thought he was stalking long skinny pink mice.

  3. Cats are silly! You should get one for you and Daisy since you seem to like playing with this one so much :)