Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My January 2017 Favorites

 The first month of the new year was long for me, yet it seemed like it breezed by as well. Here are my favorite things for the month.
Favorite TV Show: Sherlock (Season 4)
 Sherlock (with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman) is one of the greatest TV shows ever in my opinion. Sadly we don't get very much of it as it's filmed in the actor's free-time and we can go years without a new season. The fourth season wasn't quite as good as the first or second, but I loved it. Just so many moments that could make your head spin. 

Favorite Video Game: Pokemon Sun
 After a few months I finally finished Pokemon Sun for Nintendo 3DS. I took my time as I wanted to use my old pokemon from X which wasn't possible until late January. The new trails replaced gyms and they work really well. It's the most unique Pokemon of the main series games, and was quite good. 

Favorite Film: Moana
We managed to see Moana right before it slipped out of theaters. I had originally thought about seeing it earlier but instead saw Star Wars' Rogue One. Moana is much better than Rogue One in my opinion and I'm glad we got to see it at the movies instead of on Blu-ray. Moana shows that Disney is still king at making movies we all enjoy. 


  1. A very interesting post !!! Thank you for your comment on my blog!!! 👌👌👌💚💚💚

  2. I haven't seen Sherlock or Moana.

  3. Fun to see what your favorites are! Hope you have a great night-

  4. I liked Moana better too, especially the ending. Doggone it about Sherlock. I thought it was being recorded because I've been so busy the past couple of months, but sigh... no... I only have two of them waiting. Arrrghhh!

  5. I need to see Moana! Thanks for recommendation!