Friday, April 28, 2017

Photo: Flintstone House?

 At the park near my house is a reservation of what was left of the old mill. I guess these stone buildings were part of it. Looked like Fred Flintstone's house a little. 
 On the backside, they had been graffiti by some moron or morons. On one side it says "You're on my mind." and the other says "I'm in your shadow." on it. What's the point? This means nothing. Someone will eventually have to remove it and it isn't too easy.  
Another side had someone who spray painted a "green devil", and this is I don't get either. 


  1. Lovely stone building, Fred liked it.

  2. Nice park and great that it's near your house.

  3. People getting their kicks by defacing someone else's property. I never understood that.

  4. Some people have no brains and vandalism comes just naturally to them.
    It is a World wide prior to our ANZAC Day, vandals spray painted memorials and cenotaphs. SICKENING.
    PS: I await with great anticipation your summary of Turnip Top's first 100 days.
    I darn near fell off my chair laughing at "The Simpson's" parody of that period and then Turnip Top to come out with - "I didn't realise the job would be so hard".
    What can you say???????????

  5. Thanks for this visit to Bedrock!

  6. I don't understand the "why" of destroying these things. Same morons that break off small trees before they can grow and make things nicer.

  7. That's a lovely looking building, but why do some people do that!!!

    All the best Jan

  8. It is a shame ! This house is beautiful. Have a great weekend :)