Monday, April 24, 2017

Photo: Old White Mansion

Near the big old rusty bridge near my house is a big white house. I hear the person who owned the old mill (which it still ran a long time ago) lived there. But now it's vacant and I heard some local ghost hunters went searching in a house once near the mill. I assume this is probably it. 


  1. I'd love to live there! I'm sure it has a lot of charm once you start revamping the place a bit.

  2. Nooope! My husband used to live in an old plantation house in South Carolina and said that you'd hear footsteps at night from the second stairway ("the slave stairway") which was separated from the main staircase.


  3. Oh my, looks an interesting place though.

  4. It does look an interesting place and I'm sure it has a story to tell ...

    All the best Jan