Monday, May 29, 2017

Photo: Zoo Atlanta

 The 2nd day in Atlanta went better than the first in terms of planning. I didn't feel rushed as we had plenty of time, and the 2nd day was the only time we had the hotel room for the whole day instead of post-noon or pre-noon. We had the Ramada hotel shuttle driver take us down to Zoo Atlanta which is Georgia's best zoo from what I hear. I haven't been to the others, but I hear they are just one of the few in the whole country that have panda bears. My mother asked Daisy to take at least one photo of me as she saw the photos from day one and noticed how I was not really in any of them. Daisy is not really a photographer by any means, even by regular person-with-a-smartphone standards.
 I stood in front of the elephant exhibit. The outside one is hard to see much. Especially as they blend in so well with the background. 
 You much later get to an area where you can see the elephant extremely close. I think this one was female and she was really excited about eating her greens. 
Then the zoo keepers gave her a bath.


  1. One of my favorite animals!

  2. looks like a fine photo of you....

  3. That's pretty cool!
    I always love seeing the elephants at the zoo.


  4. I love going to the zoo! I am never excited about eating greens. All Daisy needs, I think, is a little more practice ~ Looks like the lighting conditions were tricky.

  5. I think she took a decent shot of you. Outdoor lighting can be tricky when it comes to getting a properly exposed photo.

  6. This is one of my favourite animals! That's a pretty good shot of you. Daisy just needs some practice.

  7. Oh what fun! I love going to zoos.
    You're going to have to give Daisy lessons in photo taking. I have a friend who manages to stick her finger in 70% of her photos. Daisy is ahead of her. I thought you turned out quite nicely.

  8. That is a good picture of Adam.

  9. Great to see you in the first photograph.
    Loved this post ...

    All the best Jan