Friday, May 19, 2017

Photos: Getting to the Georgia Aquarium

The 2nd big stop on our Atlanta list was the Georgia Aquarium. It's literally like right next to the World of Coca-Cola, so that made things really convenient. I heard many good things over the years but this was my first time going to it.
The entrance areas are rather strange. You eventually do get to see some fish. 
Then you get to a big hub area that leads to different areas of the aquarium. There is a big food court in the aquarium and I saw a few people get some big orders of seafood. We didn't eat there, but I found a bit of irony here there. See all the tropical fish, and eat some when you get hungry!


  1. lol Eat some fish after seeing some fish.

  2. I saw a lot of people getting seafood at Ripley's Aquarium in Canada and thought it was rather odd too.

  3. It seem bizarre to see them and then eat them.

  4. I love visiting aquariums ...

    All the best Jan

  5. Maybe fish 'n chips is how the Aquarium keeps its fish population under control . . . . ewwww.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed the Aquarium.......comparing it
    to the many Aussie ones. The Atlanta one was quite impressive.
    As for eating in the Atlanta one. I can't recall eateries being there
    but then I went to see the fish varieties not food!
    So many great eateries in Atlanta.....the last thing on my agenda
    would be a "Fish and Chip" meal in an Aquarium.
    Now Debbie have a wicked sense of humour - ha ha!

  7. That looks like a really awesome aquarium.

  8. That is so weird I don´t know eat fish xD that sounds weird for me talking about an aquarium. Thanks for share a bit more about you.

  9. LOL! I'd feel uncomfortable eating fish at an aquarium. I really enjoy going to aquariums, but I rarely get to see one. One of the things I really loved about teaching was going on field trips. I loved exposing my kiddos to things I couldn't provide in the classroom.