Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Story: Lao Engagement

My wife is (we assume) 100% Laotian in genetics so most of her family members consider themselves Laotian. Lao culture can be very conservative by nature as women are treated as if they're the property of their parents, and there is the use of dowries which is not something we ever see in American culture in modern times anyway. Most things in these customs aren't very progressive and I personally disagree with a lot of it. But some things about Lao culture I've encountered just make me scratch my head.

One of Daisy's cousins in California got engaged for sometime later this year to be married. Both Daisy and her mother claim that that her cousin and the groom will get married and engaged on the same day. Which makes NO SENSE to me unless of course maybe the groom doesn't know and it will be a surprise and they hope he'll go along with it. Does it make sense to anyone else out there? 


  1. That is strange. I wonder if there's a reason behind that?

  2. Well, I guess there is a sort of reason behind that? Even if I can't figure out which! :-)

    Have a great day,
    Almost Stylish

  3. Sounds a bit rushed but all cultures have their own customs.


  4. I've never heard of this. I'm curious about what the reasoning behind it is.

  5. There must be some kind of explanation for this or understanding in that culture.

  6. Maybe there's a difference between an informal engagement that happens first and the Formal Engagement which happens on the Wedding Day? Sounds like it could perhaps be a leftover from arranged marriages?

  7. Never heard of even coming from South East Asia myself.

  8. It is a Laotian custom and must therefore be respected.
    Thank God we aren't all "little Americans" and I am NOT referring
    to the native American Indians. What happened to their customs??
    At least here at long last we are showing respect for the aboriginal
    people of Australia.

  9. I try to be respectful of other cultures, but I struggle with the idea of women as chattel. It would be interesting to know the why behind the perplexing custom.

  10. Strange to us but it's their custom.