Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Fact of the Day: Agent Orange

Agent orange was a chemical agent not technically used to kill enemy soldiers in the Vietnam War but to deforest their surroundings and eliminate their food supply. The use of Agent Orange proved to be a mistake as it wasn't that effective at winning (the U.S. never won the Vietnam War) the war and gave U.S. soldiers many health problems many years after the war.  


  1. Dreadful stuff and as you say many health problems from it.

  2. Such terrible stuff, we have family friends that were impacted by this.

  3. Agent Orange was tested on Canadian troops too, without their knowledge or consent. A friend's father who was subjected to it later received compensation for his health problems resulting from the exposure.

  4. Dumb how they thought it would never harm anyone. Never works like that.

  5. I remember agent orange and the trouble it caused our soldiers.

  6. It is sad how many of our soldiers were harmed by this stuff.

  7. A war crime of diabolical proportions and used with no ethics and certainly no intelligence from the ground troops.
    Just like the Vietnam war, the US WILL NOT win any peace in Afghanistan - just read the history of previous military operations in that country from Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, the British of the Raj period, and the Russians.

    1. This is a great point. The Afghans have never lost. Not for long anyway.

      I think the whole premise of attacking Afghanistan was wrong. Because attacking them did not lead to any lessening of terrorist activities around the world. Secondly, trying to spread democracy is as stupid as the Crusades and missionary activities from a few centuries back. Granted, there are a few things wrong with Afghan society: their lack of respect to women, activities such bacche-baazi and overall violence come to mind. But our own societies too are not the best: bullying, hazing, racial make it, we've got it.

      The only valid ground for attacking Afghanistan is more of a conspiracy theory: their cannabis agriculture and radioactive metal reserves are sought after!

  8. I was alive during the Vietnam War, so I knew about why Agent Orange was used ~ not so different from trying to solve the inconvenient Indian problem by exterminating the buffalo. I'm sorry for the Vietnamese and soldiers who suffered as a result. It's never the leaders who make these decisions who suffer the consequences.