Friday, June 16, 2017

Photo: The Westin Hotel in Atlanta

We didn't stay at The Westin but Daisy was interested in it since it was suppose to have a rotating restaurant on the top floor. A little boy had died in an accident up there a little bit before we arrived in Atlanta and Daisy was oddly curious on what the place looked like. I'm glad we didn't stay at The Westin, it dwarfs almost every building in Atlanta, and I don't like heights. I hear it was the tallest hotel in the world at one time and that doesn't shock me. 


Cloudia said...

Cool. thanks

Huggybear said...

Did you go to the top floor restaurant?
If you didn't you really missed a view.
It is quite a top class restaurant as the prices imply.
It is simply Haute Cuisine with a southern flavour and plenty of the French influence. I don't believe French fries would come with any gravy - ha ha! I certainly hope not.
I luckily stayed here in 1978 just after it opened in '76.
I think from the top if memory serves me right you can see
the planes landing and taking off at Atlanta's International airport.
Atlanta in those days was blessed with top quality restaurants - "The Abbey" being one of the best that I have ever eaten in all around the World.

Christine said...

How awful a kid died up there.

stephen Hayes said...

It would be hard enjoying a meal in a place where a child died.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Every time My Rare One and I are in a city with a rotating restaurant, we make a point of eating there. It's a great way to get a birds-eye view of the whole city. In my experience, however, the food tends to be really expensive and not necessarily all that great. But still, we often go to the one here in Edmonton for special occasions.

Margaret D said...

It looks ever so tall.
Sad about a child dying up there, but unfortunately don't know what happened.

LV said...


Jimmy said...

I'd like to dine in a restaurant like this, it's a shame to have lost a child like this.

Martha said...

I've never dined in a restaurant like that. I'd certainly like to do it at least once.