Thursday, June 15, 2017

Photos: Atlanta's Underground Mall

 On the 2nd day after our trip to Zoo Atlanta, we went to The Undeground which is a mall in Atlanta. We heard good things from people who had been there years prior. However The Underground now is sadly, a waste of time. Most of the places here are empty and the few tenants never appealed to either of us.
The only neat thing I saw were these painted giant baseballs. Even though I don't advise coming here at any point of the day, don't be stupid enough to show up at night. I hear it gets really scary. I also noticed that all the "malls" downtown are really dumb. Besides restaurants and tourist attractions, there is almost nothing good about Atlanta's downtown. 


  1. Hey Adam, That's horrible to hear, this was actually a place we had on our "to do" list for the next trip back home, Thanks for the heads up my friend.

    How about the World of Coca Cola?

  2. Sad when a cities downtown core isn't vibrant and a quality destination.

  3. Good God - that way back in my times of many visits to Atlanta was
    a great place to visit.
    Sign of the times regrettably.
    Maybe more security officers need to be on patrol but that costs
    Very sad news for me, Adam.

  4. That is sad to hear, but even regular malls are having a tough time now.

  5. Sorry it was a disappointment.

  6. That seems to be happening to a lot of the malls. INTERNET SHOPPING IS KILLING THEM.

  7. That's not good news , I expect the underground shopping mall was once a busy place. I know when we travel here in Australia we find places that were once thriving now not so.

  8. Not only online shopping is hurting malls...but malls are on their way out and more and more shopping centers are being built. I am glad as I don't like malls and much prefer shopping centers. We have quite a few being built here in Lubbock.

  9. I think the days of mall shopping are about over. Retail strips and online shopping are the next wave of the future. It will be interesting to see what comes next.

  10. Sorry to read this ...
    I think all malls are having quite a tough time ...

    All the best Jan