Sunday, June 25, 2017

Photos: College Football Hall of Fame Football Field

  The College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, Georgia has a little football field on the bottom floor. We luckily made it before a school group ruined things for us. It's probably my favorite part of the whole place except maybe the anchor virtual reality.
You can kick a football into the little basket and trust me it's much harder than you'd think. Looks so much easier on TV. My wife complained she hurt her foot kicking it, but she's not a very athletic person anyway, but she didn't break anything. You can also throw it, and then another station has you catching a throw while diving on a foam mat. 


  1. I doubt I'd be able to kick that ball through that little hoop.

  2. This is cool though i'm not really into sports either. But it seems so much fun!

  3. There certainly was lots to see and do on your visit.
    This looks quite fun!

    All the best Jan

  4. LOL That sounds like a fun place!