Monday, July 17, 2017

Fact of the Day: Hispanic

While most people who are considered Hispanic are also considered Latino, there is a difference. Depending on who you ask, Hispanic includes people from countries that speak Spanish or from countries that were once owned by Spain. The notable exception in the Americas is Brazil which was conquered by Portugal and Portuguese is the dominant language there. The name comes from Hispania which was a Roman-controlled group of provinces that covered all of modern day Spain and Portugal. 


  1. Good tidbit:)
    PS Whoa! Loved the premiere! That first scene with Arya was gold. I thought it would be longer though for some reason....hmmmmm....anyhoo, I thought it was a great first episode.

  2. Bit of a difference between the two, one I sure never knew.

  3. So many precise shades of meaning in our language.