Saturday, July 8, 2017

Photos: Painting the Kitchen Table

 My mother gave me her old kitchen table but I wanted to re-paint it. First I had to clean it and Simple Green with Lemon did a good job with that especially with getting stubborn grease that had splattered on there from years prior. We had to take the table legs off to get it in the house.
So before I put them back on I spray painted them black with Valspar Project Perfect Spray Paint in a Satin Black. Covered over the white pretty well but I still did two good coats to be sure especially to get spots I missed.   
 I didn't want to get more paint I didn't need to, so I had some white to re-do the top. I put some real primer and used a top-coat of this Valspar Reserve Semi-Gloss I had originally saved for future trim/door painting. 
But it didn't quite look right (especially compared to what was in my mind), so I decided to swallow my pride and paint it black by getting some. To perfectly match the spray-paint, I got the quart sized version even though the spray is oil-based and the quart is latex/water-based.
But this was the table when I was finally done with it. I used a spray clear-coat of satin finish to top it off which I had used before to protect the legs more. The paint was a little tacky and that helped with that. Though the spray left a bit of a dusty residue I had to wipe off with Simple Green. But overall I was happy with the way the table ended out. The earth-friendly me knew it was better to re-do an old table than go out and get a new one. Plus it's a lot less expensive to do it this way.    


Christine said...

It looks like a new table, good for you Adam!

Cloudia said...

Wow, impressive, Adam

stephen Hayes said...

How great that you were able to utilize your paint knowledge and skills.

Martha said...

Looks great. Now you've got a brand new table! I love painting furniture and giving it a new look. I've done that to quite a few pieces in our house.

Jimmy said...

Well done Adam, it always feels great to step back and look at a project that turns out so good like this one did.

Fundy Blue said...

I think the table looks striking, Adam! Glad you swallowed your pride and did the whole table in black, because it looks fabulous!