Thursday, August 17, 2017

Fact of the Day: Mike Pence Youth

As a young man, Mike Pence associated with the political and religious views of his parents who were Catholic democrats. In college, he converted to born-again Protestantism and eventually became a ultra-conservative Republican. 


Huggybear said...

Oh good, I am first cab off the rank.
Well I am sure first of all that the Pope is not lamenting this "born again" gentleman.
1. Strange how Pence is hurrying home from his South American tour with the present Washington/Turnip Top explosions.
2. Company directors of Turnip Top resigning en-masse!!! Oh dear.8 at last count.
3. Now in the National paper of Australia yesterday, "THE AUSTRALIAN" this was front page news!
This was in 1987!
First paragraph: "Donald Trump's plan to build andoperate Sydney's first casino was kiled off in 1987 by the NSW government on the back of a high-level police report that warned against the now US President's bid beacuase of his "Mafia Connection".
EXTRACT for NSW cabinet minutes of May 4, 1987.
Quote: "Atlantic City would be a jubious model for Sydney and in our judgement, the Trump mafia connections should exclude the consortium".
That means - "Hasta la Vista, Donald".

Then a full page report on all this on page 6.........the first pages of the International news section.

Now for the 'friends" of Donald.....this is the lynch pin!
"In New York< Trump became a mjor customer of a concrete company controlled by mafia bosses - (lovely photos supplied of the two) -
Anthony "FAT TONY" Salerno and Paul ""BIG PAUL" Castellano when he built the the Trump Tower and the Trump Plaza buildings.
salerno was head of the Genoiese crime family and Castellano was "DON" of the Gambino crime family.
I think that says it all............dear me, "Do we judge people by the company they seek???"

Impeach, impeach and impeach shrieks from the skyscrapers all around the World.
2.47 pm, Thursday 17th August.

Cheers and sleep well in your USA beds - ha ha.

PS: Should be interesting with this North America Trade Meeting coming up-------tomorrow US time???
Justin Trudeau of Canada and Enrique Pena Nieto of I'd love to be a "fly" on the wall.

Huggybear said...

Oh dear.......these crime bosses can be googled!
Great reading and guess where Anthony "Fat Tony" Salerno died!!
Springfield, Missouri........did you know him Ms. Cox?
Maybe his mistresses etc etc were material fodder for your novels??

Moving with Mitchell said...

Trump or Pence, we lose.

Pat Hatt said...

One douchebag after another.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

He presents better than Trump but he's a dangerous asshat too.

stephen Hayes said...

It's interesting how many politicians starty out as Democrats only to change as they get older.

Christine said...

people change

Martha said...

Totally agree!

Fundy Blue said...

I'm managing to sleep in my US bed, but I'm happy to be going to Victoria, BC for a little bit. I would dearly love to be a fly on that wall!!! Do you recall the leaking of Trump talking on the phone to President Nieto and asking him to say publicly Mexico would pay for the wall,
even if Mexico didn't? Then there is Trudeau who is so passionate about diversity, multiculturalism, helping Syrian and other refuges, proudly marching in Pride parades proudly waving the Canadian flag, speaking out for the environment and aboriginal rights. I'll bet Trudeau and Nieto are just shaking their heads contemplating this meeting! Mafia ~ no surprise.

Fundy Blue said...

President "Period" Pence has a nice alliterative ring to it. That said, he's scarier for women than Trump. At least Trump just wants to grope.

Huggybear said...

Yep that phone call got coverage on Aussie news!
On a political commentary news channel yesterday here, a discussion was held on top world leaders at present.
Trudeau of Canada and Merkel of Germany topped the list.

And also Fundy Blue.........a name up there with my unfortunate blog name......"Huggybear" which was initially a joke and I don't know how to remove it!,
Turnip Top was at the bottom!
Plus the number of US Australian based academics who have had White House and State Department jobs for years in Washington grows by the minute...........refugees???
Ha ha.