Monday, August 21, 2017

Fact of the Day: Trump Pets

While not every U.S. President has owned a dog or a cat while in office, almost every president has had some type of pet while in the White House. James K. Polk and Donald Trump (as of August 2017) are the few that don't have an official pet. 


Kati said...

I wonder what pet he would have if any. Probably a dog as they are loyal! :-D

Almost Stylish

Pat Hatt said...

No pet will have him

stephen Hayes said...

Trump is a notorious germ-o-phobe so I doubt he'll ever get a dog.

Martha said...

Interesting info!


his pets are the ones remaining with him in the white house..called lap dogs

Huggybear said...

Good one Jackiesue!
Even "THOSE" must be having second thoughts!
Anyhow - it would seem Turnip Top is President in name only these days..............thank God.
"The Quartet" seems to have taken control until the Senate and Congress gets the Balls to IMPEACH.
John Kelly, Secretary of Defense, Mattes, Secretary of State,
Rex Tillerson and to a lesser extent, Pense seems to have control.
Hopefully they can sing Verdi's "Rigoletto" in tune????

Fundy Blue said...

Some people are too self-centered to have a pet.

bj said...

I don't have a pet and I don't consider myself self-centered. I like dogs...but I like them outside. One of my best friends is a big, black and white Great Dane named Athena...but she knows not to come into my house. During the times that I;ve been so sad at losing Mr. Sweet, my husband of 57 years, Athena hung very close to me when I went out.
Just because Pres. Trump and his family don't want a dog or other pet is HIS PERSONAL CHOICE and not ONE SPECK of your business.