Saturday, September 23, 2017

Fact of the Day: Bird Flu Paranoia

For some time, bird flu had caused mass hysteria in the Western World as many people were afraid to eat chicken. However eating a bird that had the bird flu would not give you the disease as the cooking process eliminates it. The only reasonable way someone could get bird flu was by coming into close-contact with a bird while they were in Asia.  


  1. I am not much of a chicken eater so just the mention of "bird flu" is scary....

  2. Actual facts get lost in the midst of hysteria like this.

  3. I do know of at least one person who stopped eating chicken, she didn't eat beef either due to e-coli concerns.

  4. I like chicken and eat it. : )
    Ditto what Jimmy said.

  5. Why Asian chickens???
    Bird flu can be world wide.
    I believe only in the last few months in Europe
    some country had to kill millions of chooks in one of those
    horrible pens as shown above.
    Some chook farms here in Australia were isolated due to an epidemic
    of the horrible disease............all birds killed and then burnt!

  6. I remember traveling to Hong Kong a decade or so back. When you passed through immigration upon entering, there were heat detecting devices that could screen for people with fevers, because of the worries about bird flu and other illnesses. I thought that was a pretty cool bit of technology that might help at other international ports.