Friday, September 8, 2017

Photo: NC State Zoo Arctic Fox

This is one of the arctic foxes at the NC state zoo. They were pretty cute, reminded me a lot of their canine cousins, dogs. Though I doubt they're people-friendly. 


  1. So cute! I love any kind of fox!

  2. My sister likes foxes so much she gave her son the middle name Kitsune. Japanese for fox.

  3. I love foxes and wolves and they are a wild animal but I have seen shows with foxes that are pretty tame but it must be a special household and a fox that can not be left in the wild.

  4. lambs, domestic cats and poultry DON"T like foxes.
    I don't like them either..........I like to eat!
    Have any of you, fox 'lovers", ever seen a fowl house
    after a fox has had it's fun of wonten slaughter????
    Or maybe your mangled pet kitten????
    Get a life for God's sake.

  5. They certainly are very beautiful animals