Thursday, September 21, 2017

Story: My Basketball at School

At our elementary school, they had basketball goals installed outside but I don't recall any teacher handing them out during any grade for us to play. So seeing an obstacle to fun, I decided to provide a solution, I brought my own. We had free time during school and I started playing with my basketball. It didn't take too long before two kids took it away from me and wouldn't let me have it back. Eventually a teacher made them stop, but I was advised to keep my basketball at home. It only takes one or two idiots to ruin everything for everybody else. 


  1. Oh well that is an interesting story sweetheart

  2. Kids taking away your ball was terrible, but could have been expected.

  3. Sometimes I cringe when I hear such stories of elementary school! Why didn't the school give you basketballs to play with? I'd have bought one for my students with my own money, if I had had to!