Monday, October 16, 2017

Photo: McDonald's Lunch Break With Daisy

My wife's parents live right next to my work. Her mom was off on the same day I was working, so Daisy spent the day over there. So I picked her up and we went to McDonalds, since that day my work began at 5:30 am, it was still breakfast by the time I had to eat. Daisy loves their big breakfast meal. 


  1. That is great. It's fun going out to eat together.

  2. I do believe your Daisy likes all types of food. If I ate that way, I would be big as a barrel. Does not seem to effect her.

  3. She looks happy :)
    Many times I dont go to Mac donalds ! I love some meals !

  4. Very nice post!
    Have a nice day, dear!

    Maybe follow for follow?
    Moj mali kutak

  5. That's an early start you had!
    Glad all worked out well.

    All the best Jan

  6. Love Daisy's smile! We get McDonald's breakfasts when we are on the road somewhere. So good!