Friday, October 13, 2017

Photos: Deck Stain at In-Laws House

 Back in early September, Daisy's parents were getting finished with their enclosed outdoor deck. Since most of the wood was brand new, it was time to stain the wooden boards. I work nearby so I sometimes drop Daisy off if both her and her mother have the same off-days. So we just happened to see them doing it that day.
They were using Thompson's WaterSeal in a Semi-Transparent finish in the color Autumn Brown. I'll be honest, I've never trusted Thompson's Waterseal much, but this one is a little different from the inexpensive clear coats they make. The "regular" Thompson's WaterSeal doesn't last very long in the South with the brutal summers we have. It's also water-based, so the clean-up is easier.    
But I will say, it stained pretty well with the wood. I didn't have time to help, but Daisy was given a paint brush to do some detail work. The floor was done with a roller but they didn't get done in just one day.
This was what it looked like when they were done. 


  1. Gotta love getting an extra helping hand. The deck looks great.

  2. Feels like a breath of fresh air with the final picture!
    It turned out really beautiful.


  3. That looks great. We have had pretty good luck with Thompsons but we don't have the brutal heat you have in the south...we do however have AWFUL winters. xo Diana

  4. Oh wow! That does look awesome!

  5. The deck looks great! As always, Daisy has a lovely smile!